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Replace and upgrade your VELUX Skylights

Your VELUX Skylight has finally reached the end of its working life.  But look on the "bright" side, you now have the option to upgrade.  A standard new generation equivelent will be an improvement over any window more than 5 years old although we replace VELUX Skylights that are at least 25 years old and still functioning.  A typical replacement installation of 1 to 5 windows is usually complete in 1 day with little disruption to you or your property.


Take a look at the products section to see what options VELUX have to offer.

VELUX felt collars on every new or replacement installation

Free Replacement VELUX Skylight Quote

All our quotations are free and with a few details from you we can usually supply a quote to replace your VELUX window within 24hrs.  These are the details we require to provide an accurate replacement VELUX Skylight quotation.

  • Your existing Skylight code or approximate internal opening dimensions

  • Image of the roof tiles

  • Image of the existing internal plaster/timber lining

  • Approximate height to access Skylight from inside

  • Your contact details and the address of the installation

  • Our quotation will include the cost for a standard replacement along with optional upgrades to the glazing, operation and internal finish.

How to find your VELUX product code

In most VELUX Skylights the product code can be found on the top edge of the window sash. You will need to open the window to view the product code.

If you cannot open your Skylight then provide us with the size of the window frame internally.  

All pitched roof Skylights will have a code starting with GGL, GPL, GGU etc followed by one to four numbers & letters. The combination of these letters and numbers make up most of the details. Any remaining numbers are related to the glazing and batch numbers.  As you are replacing the Skylight the existing glazing code is usually irrelevant.

Velux Data Stamp Location
Velux Data Stamps
Typical Replacement VELUX Skylight Installation

  • The average replacement installation of 1 - 2 VELUX Skylights is completed in 1 day.

  • On arrival we prepare the work area with sufficient protection from dust and moisture.  This also includes any floor protection to the access route.

  • The existing opening sash is removed for disposal.

  • Existing tiles are removed and stacked ready for re use.

  • Existing flashing kit is removed for disposal.

  • Existing Skylight frame removed for disposal.

  • Any necessary alterations are made to the existing structural opening to accept your new generation VELUX Skylight.

  • Any damaged areas of the existing felt membrane and/or battens are repaired.

  • Your replacement VELUX Skylight frame is prepared and installed.

  • We always install genuine VELUX felt collars to reduce the chance of future water ingress following a failure in the

  • Replacement VELUX window installations rarely allow room within the existing roof structure to add an Insulation collar.  We do carry additional foil backed insulation which we endeavor to include where room permits but the insulation collar is designed with new installations in mind.

  • Next we install the flashing kit, correctly chosen depending on your roof material to result in the neatest and most watertight finish.

  • Internal plaster reveals are now made good, depending on the alteration and damage caused in installation we often need to re-plaster some areas.  

  • As we begin to clear the work area we like to take the time to run through your new VELUX Skylights operation with you and make sure you are familiar with its features.

  • Clear work area and leave the property as it was on our arrival.

  • We can include redecorating to our installation cost but any re-plastered areas will need a return visit once sufficiently dry to paint.



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